We are Jeremiah and Erin Colladay, husband and wife and owners of Colladay Leather, an artisan leather studio located in Spokane, Washington.

Our passion is for artistry and the creative process. We believe God has written creativity into the soul of every person and our desire is to nurture that through our work. From sketchbook covers to guitar straps and every piece in-between, we want our products to cause you to ponder beauty and inspire you in your own creative journey.

In 2013 Jeremiah began a three-year apprenticeship with a custom saddle maker. It was there he learned to meld the time-honored techniques of the Western leather arts with his own artistic style. At Colladay Leather we are committed to continuing the leather artisan tradition.

All our products are handcrafted and feature Jeremiah’s original artwork. In a meticulous process, each piece is hand-carved, hand-beveled, hand-shaded and hand-dyed, leaving no two exactly alike. We choose to work with only the best quality materials to ensure our products will wear durably and gain character throughout the years.

Jeremiah - owner, artist, designer & craftsman

Most of Jeremiah’s childhood was spent playing the guitar and drums, filling his sketchbooks with pencil and ink drawings, and innovating new products from objects he found around his house. In his early twenties he transferred his drawing skills to the world of tattooing, but a few years later he discovered his true artistic passion when a friend gave him a sewing awl and a bag of old leather scraps.

Erin - owner, designer, photographer & content writer

Erin grew up filling sketchbooks too, only her pages were saturated not with drawings but with words. Then at age twelve she picked up her first camera and, captivated by the beauty of her native Pacific Northwest, she began photographing the world around her. She graduated from the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in 2008 and has been telling stories, with pictures and words, ever since.

 First & last photos by Don & Julia Photography